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Health Information

null Providing patients with high-quality, evidence-based and easy to understand health information means they are more able to make informed choices and play a more active role in their treatment. This results in better outcomes, both for the patients and the services that we provide.

Our Health Information team can support you with the creation and update of UHCW patient information leaflets. They also give advice on how to improve any UHCW materials written for patients and their carers.

All information for patients produced within UHCW NHS Trust on conditions, treatments, procedures or services must comply with UHCW’s Creating Health Information for Patients policy and go through the approval process. Once approved, the information is then made available through eLibrary and the Trust website.

If you are involved in writing or updating patient information and would like more detail about how the Health Information team can support you, please contact us at . 

nullNew Patient Information Leaflets

Our team are here to support you with each step of the approval process for new patient information leaflets. As well as proofreading your first draft, we can also provide advice on the readability, content and style of your leaflet. Evidence searches for new leaflets can also be requested via CEBIS:

null Feedback

We are always looking to improve the information that we provide to ensure that it meets your needs. To give feedback on any of the leaflets please email: and include the reference number found within the Document History box at the end of the leaflet.

nullUpdating Patient Information leaflets

Trust policy requires that all leaflets are updated within 3 months of their review date. We will send you monthly reminders when your leaflet is due for review and when it is due to expire. We also offer support to ensure your leaflets are at the right literacy levels for patients and conform to our standard template.

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